Opulence - again?

I used to be on the minimal side of life.
Feeling ultra chic in black shoes, black pants, a white shirt and surprisingly topping it all of with a black jacket. Then adding a gold watch and little gold stud earings.
I was wearing these kind of combinations and thinking about how I don't want any clutter in my life and on my clothes.
I wanted to experience "the power of now" and let my personality talk and not my sequin collared blouse.
I tell you, I used to be one of these persons totally enjoying an all black outfit.

But now- it is all different!
I enter the shops and I want it all - the fur, the graphic prints, the leather gloves, red, gold, glitter - everything!
And all at once. Well, not all. Just all that kind of goes together...
This is an extreme developement  of my style, since I got a headache from wearing ankleboots with silver zippers (and I still don' understand why almost all shoes have silver zippers, did the industry forgot about all the gold jewllery wearing peole?) and gold earrings. It just doesn't bother me anymore, or no. 
I feel like this is part of the outfit now.
So maybe now it is the time to not just decorate our christmas trees but also our clothes with every nice material or print that is out there.

Greetings from winter wonderland (not!)

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