MINIMALISM - the beginning

Minimal designs are back in business again. By now everyone must have recognized the revival of the significant style of the 90’s (of course there was also the grunge style- the complete opposite- but now we are talking about the “less is more” style!)
Brands like Acne, Céline, Jil Sander, Maison Martin Margiela and many more are giving us the perfect clean cuts and neutral colors back.

Calvin Klein is considered to be one of the genius founders of minimalism in fashion. In the 1960’s he was working at Seventh Avenue in New York and got famous for his creations with their characteristic clear silhouettes.
As well as Calvin Klein Giorgio Armani had a massive influence on minimalism by trying to drape his designs on the body. He created a floating look by avoiding too much structure on the fabrics.
Azzedine Alaïa brought up a different kind of “reduced silhouettes” by not adding an extra silhouette and just working with the body shape. He was the first one to work with stretchable materials and is famous for his clinging dresses.

The spotlight is on fabrics like satin, jersey, stretch and chiffon since the cut is so simple and only supports the body. The materials become their own embellishment. Even buttons were banned so that these clothes represent functionality in its most simple form. 

    Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 1998  /  Spring/Summer 1997

  Giorgio Armani  Fall/Winter 1996